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5 May 2005 - 21:00
Petr Kruselnicky The Thing

„The Thing“
by Petr „krusha“ Kruselnicky
premiera 28.2.2005 NOD Prague

Performance that is rooted in a diversity of disciplines and discourses involving the body, space and time. Explosion of conventional aesthetics and foregrounded concepts of interdisciplinarity, hybridity and convergence. Performance disrupting borders, breaking rules, defying traditions, resisting definitions, asking questions and activating audiences. Experimenting with the possibilities of a performance or an event. Talk to all manner of audiences.
It is a stream of information. Kind of a nois. In information theory, noise is information. Noise is defined as the unpredictability of a signal. Sometimes the word 'random' is used, but that's not always accurate. Because a signal is unpredictable, it contains a huge volume of information. People see what they want to see, like when they look at puffy clouds. They all see different things...and that is a useful tool, too, because it allows them to recognize their own participation in creating what is on that screen.
It is something like a television. All television is interactive. It's just that people don't realize that when they just sit there and submit to the TV as reality. It's not just happening to them, they're submitting to it. Stumbling into no-mind land.
My idea of the performance is video feedback. (Video feedback is an example of a complex system that generates spatial patterns that change over time. Equivalent to looking at yourself in a mirror with another mirror behind you that is you see a picture within a picture within a picture It is common to observe stable patterns in VF experiments. No discernible pattern = CHAOS Evolving patterns = EDGE OF CHAOS. Edge of chaos is related to the concept of self-organised criticality eg. earthquakes, epidemic outbreaks, growth of cities, patterns within patterns within patterns ... Feedback is all around us. Some philosophers and scientists believe that consciousness it self is nothing but feedback; it's the brain thinking about the brain. Thinking about thinking creates feedback, and that may have been one of the sparks of human consciousness. That is what is so interesting about seeing a smaller example of a feedback system and be able to, when you look at one of these patterns, to see everything from hurricanes to swastikas, and all kinds of things in between. Some mathematicians to this day, even with chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics, say "How can such complex behavior arise from such a simple system?" These systems also have meaning in the physical world. What we have in video feedback is an incredibly simple system that is deterministic in design yet we get incredibly comoplex output from the system, even if there's no human intervention. That's exciting!