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damage control

11 Jun 2005 - 22:00

experimental electronic hip-hop trio
based in vancouver [bc] and brighton [uk]
live performance with laptop, turntablism, live instrumentation, mc's
& angular beats
+ DJ Mr. Mijagi (España/Berlin)

damage control is an experimental electronic, hip-hop trio based in
vancouver [bc] and brighton [uk]. dj finlaz, and mcs sunskript and
namesake fuse electronic and laptop-based performance and music with a
dark, minimal, hip-hop aesthetic, and melodic post-rock sensibilities.
their debut EP - Elucidate - is an abstract mix of instrumental and
vocal music - informed & inspired by the work of artists including
cLOUDEAD, subtle, aesop rock, prefuse73, boards of canada, and alias.
the elucidate ep was written and recorded in vancouver bc. using any
gear they could get their hands on, the trio began improvising &
composing together and quickly booked shows in and around the vancouver
each member of the trio brought beats & melodies to the mix - and
their live shows have been built around creating a laptop-based
performance that incorporates turntablism, live instrumentation,
& angular beats.
using a beat-up old ibm thinkpad, two powerbooks, ableton live, logic,
reason, vegas, max/msp, microkorg synth, turntables, vocals, and plenty
of efx - damage control have performed at the InVision festival on the
sunshine coast, at the Alibi Room's OutwithIn multimedia festival, and
at various clubs & gallery spaces in vancouver.

dj finlaz [uk :: beatsmith, turntables, programming]

Eclectic DJ and producer based in Brighton. has performed shows at
clubs ,pubs and festivals across the uk - including Glastonbury and
Brighton's finest - and with the Lost Tribes collective in canada.

sunskript [cdn :: mc, beats, keyboards, beatbox]

a vital part of vancouver's experimental music scene. MC,
percussionist, spoken word artist, beatboxer, and
multi-instrumentalist. he is part of the Lost Tribes of the Sun hip-hop

namesake [cdn :: mc, beats, keyboards, bass]

an active member of montreal and vancouver's spoken word & indie
hiphop scenes. founding member of the Lost Tribes of the Sun hip-hop
collective, and MC with The Front - a live hip-hop band based in