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30 Sep 2005 - 22:00

Lushus was founded in December 1996.

Since then the band changed several times and became what it is today.

Two girls on bass guitar and a drummer.
A mix between.........Well decide for yourselve!

Words you could use to describe our music: powerful, rhythmical, poetical,
intimate, No wave, Noise-rock, Panarcho-unk.

Bands we interface with: The Ex, The Slits, Primus, No means no

"Poetry, music, painting, drawing, performances etc. are an expression of art.
They all have there own identity, one you express with words the other with material and the next with sound.
But at the end they serve the same purpose.
I think that the need to make art (music) starts if you have a feeling of lack or a sort of "weltschmerz".
It’s the will to capture this lack or feeling of pain, to find a solution for it so that it disappears or to make it more liveable.
As a human being i try to bring a positive thought transference and this you can find back in our music and my poetry.
With music and poetry there's the possibility to make something clear, to make people think or just to let them have a good moment.
Writing a poem or lyrics usually happens as an “unpredictable expression”, it should be open and leave room for different feelings and thoughts.
The music originates mostly after the lyrics.
As a band it is important that everybody, singer, drum player and bass players, have there own personal contribution.
Because we played a lot in the squat-scene we are usually described as punk.
Which in a way is true but in another way not at all.
It all depends on a person’s idea about punk.
We don't orientate deliberately on other styles. That's why the songs are different from each other in emotion and style.
'But it's impossible ofcourse, not to be influenced, you always take from wat you,ve heard, experienced and seen."
Sascha Hacska 2002

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