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23 Nov 2005 - 21:30


Anjela Manukjan vocals

Roman Lebedev electronics, guitar

Alexei Borisov electronics, guitar, back-vocal

Uri Balashov zvukosuk, tibetian cup

is a unique project in the Moscow music scene. It successfully
combines experimental electronics, contemporary dance rhythms and the
original Russian folklore. Pagan psychedelia and shamanism, authentic
melodies and lyrics of ancient Russia (12th-19th centuries) mixed with
urban aesthetics and contemporary videoart are the essential components
of Volga performances.

The current Volga line-up is a professionally educated vocalist and a
folklore vocal techniques investigator Anjela Manukjan (she also takes
part in the projects of Richard Norvila and Spieces Of Fishes duo form
, electronic specialists and
multi-instrumentalists Alexei Borisov (Notchnoi Prospekt,
F.R.U.I.T.S., joint projects with KK Null (Japan), Jeffrey Surak (USA),
Anton Nikkila (Finland), Sergei Letov (Russia))
and Roman Lebedev
(Metal Corossion, Alien Pat Holman, Idioritmik)
, an
artist and the inventor original self-made instruments,
Grammy winner (artwork for Frank Zappa ”Civilization III” album, 1996)
Uri Balashov.

Usually the performances of Volga have been
decorated by special video projections, created in real-time by
well known Moscow video-artist Roman Anikushin. Volga often tours
in Russia and abroad, performing in clubs, concert halls and
participating in different international music festivals such as ”Burg
Herzberg Open Air 2000” (Germany), SKIF-4 (St.Peterburg, Russia 2002),
”Vital Water 2002” (Altai, Russia), International Folk Festival in
Petrozavodsk 2003 (Karelia, Russia), HUH Festival in Tallinn (Estonia
2003), Festival of Russian Contemporary Art in Kiasma Museum in Helsinki
(Finland 2004) etc.

The debut CD of Volga has been released in 1999 by Moscow based ”Exotica
records” and got very positive response not only from the specialists but
also from the wide audience in Russia and Europe as well. The next CD
”Bottoms up!”, released at the beginning of 2003 by ”Exotica records”, is
a fine collection of the most melodic and danceable songs of Volga. The
third edition of Volga is a ”Concert” CD, recorded live at ”DOM” club in
Moscow and released by ”Sketis Music” in April 2003. The latest CD is
”Three Fields” released by Volga in cooperation with ”Sketis music” in

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