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save the last dance for me!

25 Feb 2006 - 21:30
make me hard presents

save the last dance for me!

dance and videopieces

X DRESCHER (berlin/stabeshöhe/wien/inzing/nyc/new castle...)play „mumpitz“
* christina ertl (innenhohlundaußensteif, cheralee lemonheart,grobe chrischtl, oide):

dance, bassss, drums, video
* konrad wilde (kraftpost, nonostar and so much more hot shit!):
more drums, loops, guitar
X BRÖCKEL (berlin/tokio/weikersheim and more) play „peter und der wolf“ – the true story

X ANTENA (berlin/prague/garage) „easy talk“
* dance/movement performance


X NATHALIE CLOUDE:trilogie tristesse

X HORSTMANN:horstmann

and more

+ DJDU!(bring your own stuff!)