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15 Dec 2005 - 22:00

biegungen81: ZYGOMA
Jeff Gburek (electro-acoustic gtr./electronics)
Michael Vorfeld (percussion, stringed instrument)

Michael Walz (sampling, elektronics)

ZYGOMA is an electro-acoustic music
trio born from the belly of Berlin in the year 2000 when visiting
Amercican guitarist Jeff Gburek discovered partnerships in the
percussion work of Michael Vorfeld and the electronics of Michael Walz.
Five years of periodic exchange and reflection brings a merger of these
European and American experimental strains, creating an expressive
cultural tension between the uses of silence, layering of sounds,
isolated vertical events, and mystical fusions of sounds that cannot be
easily traced to any one instrument. This makes each ZYGOMA a singular
event. Vorfelds unique sensibility for selection and timing in
percussion is met by Gbureks fluid repertoire of extended guitar
techniques and Michael Walzs subversive use of sampling and
electronics. Since Gbureks return to Berlin with an artistic residency,
ZYGOMA promises more focused activity beginning with their latest
recordings made at Berlins Audiocue Tonlabor and a string of upcoming
concert dates in Germany and abroad.

Jeff Gburek, based in Berlin, Germany,splinters
electric guitar signals with analog modular tools, c-sound, and other
open or deconstructed applications, processing field recordings and
taking the legacy of musique concrete, electro-acoustic improvisation
and indeterminate composition for a blind ride in one-way cab with a
bullet plugged straight through the meter. For 7 years he has worked
with movement artist Ephia in Djalma Primordial Science, damning
expections with their unique style of theater stripped to bone.
Appearances with Keith Rowe, Tetuzi Akiyama, Kyle Bruckmann, Pascal
Battus, and Tom Carter (Charalambides), catch him at the cross-roads of
improvised, electro-acoustic and experimental music. His solo CD
„Energariums‰ was released by Nur Nicht Nur in 2004 and further
recordings on his own label Orphan Sound are available through
Metamkine in France and Erstwhile in the USA. He has recently been
re-orienting his electronic environment at STEIM, one of the major
European electronic music foundations, in Amsterdam, September 2005.

Michael Vorfeld (percussion, stringed instrument)
des Schlagwerks durch selbstentworfene Saiteninstrumente. Langjährige
Arbeit im Bereich improvisierter, experimenteller Musik und Klangkunst.
Neben Solo-Aktivitäten Mitglied verschiedener Formationen und
Zusammenarbeit mit Künstlern aus unterschiedlichen Bereichen.
Umfangreiche Konzert- und Performancetätigkeit in Europa, den USA,
Südostasien und Australien u.a. bei dokumenta 8, Kassel ; Het
Apollohuis, Eindhoven; Logos Foundation, Gent; Palais des Beaux Arts,
Brüssel; Experimental Intermedia, New York; Center of Contemporary Art,
Warschau; Plan B, Tokyo; Goethe-Institut, Hanoi, Liquid Architecture,
Michael Walz (sampling, electronics)
in den 80er Jahren als Pianist, Komponist und Soundcollageur für freie
Theatergruppen. Seit Beginn der 90er Jahre Hinwendung zur
elektronischen Klangerzeugung (Synthesizer, Sampler, Computer).
Solokonzerte mit elektro-akustischer Musik, feste und lose Formationen
mit zahlreichen Musikern aus der Berliner Improvisationsszene.
Interdisziplinäre Projekte mit Tänzern, Schriftstellern, Malern und
Schauspielern. Kompositionen für Tanztheater und Kurzfilm. Gastspiele
u.a. in New York (Knitting Factory) und London (Purcell Room/Royal
Festival Hall).