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DJ Balli+The Wrong Nigga To..

17 Dec 2005 - 22:00

DJ Balli (break core)
The Wrong Nigga To Fuk Wiz!
(turntables, glitch)
Lardz Channel

DJ Balli is a dj-producer,
active in the field of "hard-electronics blaxploitation", a
contamination between black rhythm (jungle, hip-hop, ragga dance-hall)
and experimental sounds from the tradition of European avant-garde
(from musique brut to extreme noise).
Interested in every sort of improbable clash of genre and of vinyl
infringement, he developed a peculliar taste for Italian
folklore-trashy music (folk core?) to poison his intricated beats with
sudden ultra-kinetic 4/4 escapes and on the other side advanced
turntablist's skills to enhance the "drama" of his
He runs the label Sonic Belligeranza (hard-electronics blaxploitation) with its sublabels
+ Belligeranza (dedicated to noise and ideas) and - Belligeranza (dedicated to down tempo extravaganza).

The Wrong Nigga To Fuk Wiz!

down-tempo beats, virtuosic
scratches and vinyl extravaganza

Lardz Channel
proudly overwheight visuals