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Kirsten Ketsjer

20 Jan 2006 - 22:00

Kirsten Ketsjer

Anja Jacobsen: vocals, drums

Andreas Führer: guit, =+

Anders Lauge Meldegaard: guitar, other stuff

Kirsten Ketsjer was founded in Copenhagen in 2004, after Jacobson,
Führer and Meldegaard were asked to write and perform a sound and
poetry show at Nordische Klang Festival. This sound and poetry project
laid the fundament for the future development of Kirsten Ketsjer's

Nowadays the band is driving from an open mind pop music through wide
guitar journeys towards the horizon in a flaming summer rock green
cadillac convertible and back again with instantly evolving lyrics in
the front seat, sparkling guitars in the back and a trunk filled with
noisy toy instruments.