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22 Jan 2006 - 21:30

biegungen82 :
Manuel Mota (guitar)/Ernesto Rodrigues (violin)
*+*Michael Renkel (elektronisch verfremdete Konzertgitarre)/Gilles Aubry (singing laptop)

Manuel Mota has performed in Europe and U.S.A..
Between 1989 and 1997 he studied and experimented with prepared guitar, mainly
acoustic. Since then his interests shifted to the development of a language for
fingerstyle electric guitar. Works in a regular basis with bassist Margarida
Garcia and trumpeter Sei Miguel. Founded the record label ‘Headlights’ in 1998.Ernesto Rodrigues has been playing the violin for 20 years and in that time has
played all genres of music ranging from contemporary music to free jazz and
improvised music, live and in the studio. His main interest shifted towards
contemporary improvised and composed music.The relationship with his
instruments is focused in sonic and textural elements. Electronic music was an
early influence on his approach to violin playing, which challenges traditional
romantic concepts of the violin/viola through use of preparations and micro
tuning. Has created music for films, dance, performance, video, etc. Active in
different settings on the Portuguese scene for free improvised music, both as a
collaborator and in leading his own groups. Has created the record label
Creative Sources Recordings in 1999, wich mainly concentrates on releasing
experimental and electro-acoustic music. Performs at festivals all over Europe.

Michael Renkel studied classical guitar in
Hamburg. Main emphasis of his work is an interest in open methods of
composition. The way he treats the guitar defines itself between the
two poles of tradition (influenced by composers like H. Villa Lobos,
H.W. Henze, L.Berio, M. Kagel J.Cage, M. Feldman, Violeta Dinescu ...
also old lute music) and the developing of an own language including th
preparation of the acoustic guitar.
In a logical continuation he also extends the instrument via computer
technology and live electronics and collaborates with video- and fine
arts. The acoustic guitar is being modified in a way thet blurs the
delimitation between acoustic preparation and electronic variance.In
his electric guitar work the instrument appears as an antenna
regardless of not being played receiving signals that are amplified and
altered. Recent there is more and more interest in a punk/noise
oriented electric guitar work... In his compositorial work he
experiments with "genetic annotations" which extend musical notions by
adding terms like generation, mutation, hybrids, genetic code/sequence. Also works with field recordings composing SchallspieleGille Aubry's
eclectic activites range from sound installations to rock concerts
over radio performances, with a big weight on improvised music of every
kind. As a computer musician, Gilles Aubry has been touring and
recording extensivly
troughout Europe and Russia during the last decade. Over the years, he
developed a unique style of realtime improvisation with computer. Among
current working bands one can mention MONNO, a powerfull experimental-rock
combo, The Same Girl with
drummer Nicolas Field, Swift Machine, a Berlin based electro-acoustic trio and
finally, his newest solo project ANTI TAUPE. Beside that, Gilles
Aubry was involved in numerous collaborations with musicians such as Axel
Doerner, John Hegre, Klaus Filip, Jaime Fenely, Le Qua Ninh, Seiji Murayama, Vladislaw Makarov...
As a composer and sound artist, Gilles Aubry has been commissioned to design
several pieces for ensemble, cinema, dance and installations.
His most recent works include MD Project (2002) for computer, ensemble
& electronic tap dancing, Paranovela Normal (2004), a computer
composition for cinema performance, FLOW (2002-03), an information art
performance together with artist Ulrike Gabriel, SILICONATA (2003) a
generative score for improvisation, TRAFIC (2003), a site specific sound
installation and LA MATIERE ET L'ECHO (2004), a concert/installation for 10 loudspeakers.
He is leading the label & organisation Sound Implant.