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1 Mar 2006 - 22:00
"PSF-worthy psychedelia. Strong comparisons can be made to Les Rallizes
Denudes, the first PSF Fushitsusha, White Heaven, Shizuka, etc.

*Shinsuke Michishita:Vo&G.
*Masami Kawaguchi:Bass (from miminokoto,ex aihiyo)
*Ikuro Takahashi:Drums(ex High Rise, Fushitsusha, Maher
Shalal Hash Baz)

Listen here to wfmu radio session

"LSD-march, named for a track on the first, heaviest album by krautrockers Guru Guru, slowly whisper and wander through a veil of feedback and plodding rhythms. There's both gentle and searing stuff to be found here. These guys are more serious, mysterious and melancholy than Acid Mothers Temple, with a definite Velvets vibe at times. And when the guitars get cranked, this sounds like the Neil Youngiest of Nagisa Ni Te freakouts. With liner notes (and stamp of approval) from translator/psych expert Alan Cummings." -- Aquarius.

"What sets LSD-march apart from the more widely hyped Japanese psych combos is an incredible restraint and consequent attention to detail. Their sound is lo-fi, without doubt, but, as with the Dead C or Last Visible Dog stalwarts MCMS, every sound on Suddenly, like flames seems deliberately placed for maximum effect; the sound pallet on the disc is much broader than the instrumental credits indicate. On “When I Die, Hell Awaits,” Akuro Takahashi’s light and airy percussion work sounds as if his kit has been augmented with more traditional Japanese instruments, and a windily haunting wail re-enforces sneaking suggestions of Velvet Underground circa 1969. Even when Shinsu Mitshishita's guitar rises above its customary reflective murmurings, or when drums are struck with something approaching abandon, as on “Bud of Flesh,” the effect is momentary." - Marc Medwin, Dusted