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fernwärme#21 zimmerfrei

22 Mar 2006 - 21:00
zimmerfrei panorama triologia

panorama by zimmerfrei
Panorama_Venezia live media
Anna de Manincor - voice & foley
Anna Rispoli - voice & foley
Massimo Carozzi - turntables, samples
Claudio Rocchetti - dusty analog intruments
Margareth Kammerer - voice, e-guitar

location: piazza del popolo
concept and realization ZimmerFrei
performance 7 hours
video 21 min
video format MiniDV – DVD
co-production: Monitor video&contemporary art gallery

location: piazza maggiore
concept and realization ZimmerFrei
performance 12 hours
video 36 min
video format MiniDV – DVD
co-production: Bé- Bologna Estate
sponsor: I Phil

location: campo s.stefano, campo s. polo, rialto; p.zzale candiani, canal salso, forte marghera
concept and realization ZimmerFrei
performance 8 hours
video 21 min
video format MiniDV – DVD
co-production: Festival Reaction


The performance and the video are related and intend to make a living portrait of a city. They transform the flow of time into multiple layers of representations with different density and speed.

Of two videocameras the first records a 3/4 hours plan-sequence turning on its axis making 360° in 1 hour (with a clock engine at its bottom) The second videocamera records the close-ups of all the sequence from the same point of view afterwards the recorded time will be accelerated 20 times (1h=3min; 8h=24min) and edited with the close-ups that run at a different speed (accelerated only twice)

The set of the video was transformed into an open performance - without a stage but with a turning horizon where everyone who is passing by could enter, observe or influence.

The key of the performance is still presence or extreme slow-motion. To deal with this time compression, performers have been asked to slow down their movements almost risking immobility. This world is populated by intense presences moved by constant and thin vibration. They inhabit the space with a passive natural attitude and they accomplish revolution. They could wait all day for the good moment when they will be in the precise trajectory of the eyes. Any other accidents will run away as quick as the rising of sun or the fading of light to dark.

The 6 main characters are played by ZimmerFrei (Anna Rispoli, Anna de Manincor, Massimo Carozzi) and by three dancers/actors (Silvia Calderoni, Davide Savorani, Angela Baraldi).