YOYO OYOY Festival:Torsdag

4 May 2006 - 22:00

"yoyooyoy is an art collective, free of generes and artforms
yoyooyoy is about finding new conections
yoyooyoy is one expression in different forms"
Lights People

is a musician/artist group and CDR-label resident in
Copenhagen. The music is improv/noise/drone played on various modified
everyday electronics.


Goodiepal/ Mainpal Inv. is probably the most interesting person coming out
of modern Scandinavien music! Currently living on the Faroe Islands in
London and closely linked to British bright light music manipulators V/Vm,
Goodiepal have done music for labels and organisations like City Center
Offices, Fatcat, Skipp, Tvind, Lucky Kitchen, Hobby Industries and
Tigerbeat 6, Undbearable Recordings
among others! Kristian Vester grew up in a Danish suburb spending school
years treading
computers and electronic devices as well as doing home puzzles!

Is the forgotten treasure of yoyooyoy playing a mixture of love songs and
experimental music together with Vagn Olsson and Niels Grøndal and maybe
“Du sollst die Gitarre heiligen. Weil sie den Weg weisen wird, wenn es dunkel um einen ist. Manchmal braucht man nur ein wenig Zutrauen. Hey, Blues! Fast hätte man ihn nicht erkannt, wie er bei Kraftpost über den Asphalt geschlittert und geschunden daherkommt, wenn das Einmannunternehmen die Saiten aus der Gitarre zerrt. Der Blues im weißen Rauschen und John Lee Hooker spricht deutsch. Spiritistische Entladungen durch den Äther. Heiliger Wahnsinn.” (taz)
the yoyo oyoy festival is part of