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Minton/Ermke + Eubanks/Dulin

14 May 2006 - 21:30

Phil Minton (voice)/Andrea Ermke (samples)
Bryan Eubanks (electronics)/Tucker Dulin (trombone)


Bryan Eubanks is a musican working with the process of improvisation. His instruments are open-circuits, electronics and the soprano saxophone.
He lived in Portland, Oregon for many years and while there he was an active collaborator with Joseph Foster, Doug Theriault, and Jean-Paul Jenkins, among others, and continues some of these collaborations today. Also, during this time he formed the electronic duo GOD with Leif Sundstrom. For the past five years he was very involved in the music communities of the west coast of the US as a player and an organizer. During this time he developed and maintains musical relationships with Mitchell Brown, David Kendall, David Rothbaum, and Bob Marsh. He has performed his work all over the US at many venues and festivals and his music has been released on the Creative Sources, Game Boy, Little Enjoyer, and Collective Jyrk labels, as well as his own small run label Rasbliutto. Since relocating to New York City in 2005 he is working regularly with Andrew Lafkas, Vic Rawlings, Jonathan Zorn, Rachel Thompsen, Andy Hayleck and Bonnie Jones, as well as a continuing development of solo music.

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