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cremaster / Tetsuo+Lillevan

25 May 2006 - 21:45

biegungen 95:  CREMASTER +  KING LEAR

cremaster are

Ferran Fages: feedback mixing board, pick-ups
Alfredo Costa Monteiro: objects on electric guitar
cremaster plays electro-acoustic improvisation
von Tetsuo Furudate & Lillevaen
Lillevän (Video artist) and Tetsuo Furudate (Sound artist)
always play improvised, and their sets look
very normal, just putting computers on the table.
Tetsuo plays some sounds and Lillevan projects some
images on the screen.
In the last years, they identified King Lear
by William Shakespear as a kind of the
base of their works. Perhaps, it depends on
Tetsuo's vulgar taste, he is always looking for
some classical literatures for his music, as if he
wants to authorize his work. But, on the other
hand he doesn't take any consequences to Shakespear.
He just recognizes King Laer as a story of one old man
whose eyesight fails. For Tetsuo, Lear's eyesight is still
healthy, but he just become to lose the objects that he
should focus. He is losing the objects even his eyes
are still clear. Finally he can see only one line,
like a horizon of the moon. Lillevän and Tetsuo want
to make/see their final version of King Lear, but
the audience can forget "King Lear"
and should be free from it. Because this
theme exists just for Tetsuo & Lillevän.
support: DJ Looping (looping loops)