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Noise-Makers Fifes: Imprackage

31 May 2006 - 21:00
noise-makers fifes Geert Feytons and Marc Wroblewski


Audio-visual improvisation concert/performance

Noise-Maker’s Fifes (Brussels, Belgium)

NMF (Geert Feytons and Marc Wroblewski)
play self-made instruments contructed from cords, pieces of recycled
metal, glass and wood, stones and even liquids in combination with
electronics, effects and environmental sound recordings. The videos
used during Imprackage aim to visualize any kind
of sound source and to use images in which sounds strikingly manifest

“Imprackage”, >> is an improvisation package.

NMF proposes, “Imprackage” as >> a concept,
adjusted to the performance situation,
with a line-up & technical requirements, depending on the available
budget, the space/location & circumstances.

>> Improvisation is the departure point, all the rest is unpredictable.

It’s also… a well defined, … >> structure,
prepared Marc Wroblewski & Geert Feytons to give some direction to guest members…

This method creates… >> an invisible ‘performance’ manual,
based the involved musicians, instruments & media
>> Sound and Image …a Video – concert,