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Music for One/Stefano Tedesco

2 Jun 2006 - 21:30

MUSIC FOR ONE is stark and simple guitar motifs that draw melodic
inspiration from old acoustic blues and Erik Satie. They mingle with a
modern experimental aesthetic that is created live in front of the
audience with a guitar, effects, and bits from the hardware store. As
chaotic as the times we live in, it can change at any given moment,
effects boxes twisting the emotive tones into a cavernous roar of
feedback and throbbing clicks.

Light and dark, loud and quiet, it’s somewhat comforting to know
that a guitar can still confuse and enchant an audience. MUSIC FOR ONE
is Sherry, a Canadian now living in London, and she has played on bills
alongside artists such as AGF, Sunn0))) and My Cat is an Alien.
Available for the tour will be a newly released 3" CD from the Japanese
label, Electric Folklore, featuring a remix by Justin of Do Make Say
Think. She also has a 7" record on Seren Records and 3 self-released


STEFANO TEDESCO is a London-based musician and sound artist. He is
currently using his customised pocket vibraphone, percussion, sound
objects, live electronics and laptop. He also works with field
recordings and feedback. Stefano’s music is basically experimental
improvisation that explores noise, live electronics, silence, texture
and abstract sound. His practice includes unconventional instruments
often using unusual techniques. He has formed a trio with the harpist
Rhodri Davies and the double bass player Joe Williamson and a trio with
David Toop and Phil Durrant. He is also member of the Symbiosis
Orchestra, a mixed media Italian ensemble that includes electronic
musician Scanner.