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no-1 + the inhabitants

9 Jun 2006 - 22:00

no-1 (wemakewith-records/montreal/can)


inhabitants (drip-audio/vancouver/can)

About no-1
this is a solo project of sounds and words sourced by hip-hop, films,
food, books, life, and the stories around me. i grew up listening to
& musically consuming everything and it all filters down through
technology to be spit back into digital finished form. the no-1 album
'stories are people too' is dropping in august. the idea for the record
started with doing a few tracks inspired by some amazingly good books:
i did "circular ruins" with dj finlaz - which was inspired by the short
story by jorge luis borges - and i did "oblivion" with dj phonograff
which drew from nabokov's 'an invitation to a beheading'...and i got to
thinking it could be a cool concept for a record. which isn't to say
that everything on the album has some cryptic literary source - i just
started with a few books & ideas in mind and got to writing. some
of the most interesting stuff made it onto the final album: there's
some haruki murakami, alenka zupancic, deleuze & guattari, and will
self in there if you start digging around...but generally it's just
whatever madness was in my head at the time. i've been listening to a
lot of dancehall, dub, and electronic shit - plus vibing heavy on plug
research peoples + the new anticon sounds (13&god etc). this one
was all self-produced, but the next record will find spots for all the
good peoples around me. i'm so used to collaborative projects it's been
kind of a trip doing it on my own. but hella fun. so don't sleep. let
me know what you think. i hope you like it.

About Inhabitants:
An intriguing new group, the Inhabitants surfaced from
the depths of Vancouvers music underground in the spring of 2005 to
release their self-titled debut on Jesse Zubots Drip Audio imprint.
Capturing the bands eclectic sound, the new disc has garnered
favourable reviews both locally and internationally. Described as "an
aural introduction to a dream" by Down Beat, the Inhabitants music
draws inspiration from great innovators such as Ornette Coleman and
Jimi Hendrix, and has been likened to electric-era Miles Davis and the
instrumental post-rock of Tortoise and Godspeed You Black
four Inhabitants are major contributors to Vancouvers creative music
scene. Collectively they have worked with such diverse artists as Dave
Douglas, Bill Laswell, Peggy Lee, Franois Houle, Ron Samworth, Tony
Wilson, Wayne Horvitz, Steve Beresford, Wolfgang Fuchs, the NOW
Orchestra, Josh Martinez, Kevin House, The Be Good Tanyas, Submission
Hold and Dr. Lonnie
Rich sonic textures,
subtle melodic ideas and a strong rhythmic sensibility are the
signatures of the Inhabitants, winners of CBCs Galaxie Rising Star
award at the 2005 Vancouver International Jazz Festival.
The Inhabitants are Dave Sikula, JP Carter, Pete Schmidt and Skye Brooks.

An intriguing new group, Vancouver's Inhabitants serve up a melange of sounds ranging from acoustic & electric experimental jazz to post-rock. They draw inspiration from musical corners such as Miles Davis' 70's catalogue all the way to the exploratory noise scapes of groups such as God Speed You Black Emperor & Sonic Youth.

"...seamless, smooth and spacious, Inhabitants is a beautifully mature debut for a band we hope will be around for years to come." - The Georgia Straight/Vancouver

"...delicious state-of-the-art sampling of compelling contemporary improv." - Williamette Weekly/Portland, OR

"The blissful yet dissonant ambience and lightly shuffling grooves these young cats create may also induce chills in folks with lots of titles from the Constellation and Thrill Jockey labels in their collections." - The Stranger/Seattle, WA

"Occupying an aural meadow somewhere between Tortoise's TNT and In a Silent Way-era Miles Davis are The Inhabitants." - Terminal City/Vancouver, BC

" aural introduction to a dream." - Down Beat

"...strikes just the right balance between experimentation and structure." -

"...serene minimalism" - The Oregonian