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erase & reset 2006

1 Sep 2006 - 21:00


Claus Van Bebber (D) (record players)
Alexei Borisov (RUS) (laptop)
Yannick Dauby (F) (field recordings, devices)
John Hegre (NO) (feedback guitar, electronics)
Michael Northam (USA) (magnetic table harp, devices)
Ivan Palacky (CZ) (amplified knitting machine)
Anthony Pateras (AUS)(synthesizer)
Ignaz Schick (D) (objects, turntables)

ERASE & RESETis a 12 hour marathon concert involving 8 musicians.
the continuos flow of music will start at 21:00 and not end until the next morning at 09:00.
The event will present each musician in a short solo set and
will then proceed to a marathon of all possible duo combinations.

For the second time, Erase & Reset 2006 reunites an international
line-up of electronic experimental musicians who have been working for
years on furthering developments in electronic music and, at the same
time, managed to avoid the trapdoors of fashionable genres.

Again we invited players of very diverse stylistic backgrounds and
instrumentation; and most of them haven't yet been presented to a
larger audience in Berlin.
No matter what tools they use or which style they are associated with –
all of them consciously accept risk as a desirable parameter in their
music. most of the participants meet & play together for the first

The audience is welcome to stay over at the Ausland.
Bring your sleeping bag and make yourself comfortable!

Financial Support: Initiative Neue Musik Berlin e.V.

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