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Nilan Perera/Olaf Rupp

7 Sep 2006 - 21:30

Nilan Perera (altered electric guitar)
+Olaf Rupp (electric guitar)
Perera is a sonic explorer and improviser whose work expands the language and
techniques of experimental electric guitar performance, while attending to the
legacy of 20th-century tradition established by such pioneers as Harry Partch
and Fred Frith. Perera’s unusual approach to his instrument has earned him a
reputation as one of Toronto's most innovative experimentalists. He plays in a
number of cutting-edge ensembles — including Handslang, The
, Wiens-Perera Duo and NOMA
— and has performed at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival, Toronto
International Jazz Festival, for Sound Image Theatre, Autumn Leaf Performance,
the Synaptic-Circus project, and with Peter Chin, Anne Marie Hood, and Susanna

"My music is
sonic pointillism, although it uses only untreated guitar notes. It needs a
listener who is able to focus - like riddle pictures that show a completely
new, three-dimensional image after a while. Sometimes a few, slow notes are
enough, sometimes it needs many, dense tone clusters. To think of melodiosity
here and ecstatic expressionism there will get you on the wrong track. It is a
tone-grid that defines an underlying, virtual sound - like the pixels of a
picture in the newspaper create an image in your mind. The music grows on it's
own impulse like a crystal, a tree, a fire or vortex in the water."