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biegungen99: Language Tapes

14 Sep 2006 - 21:30

Thomas Meadowcroft - Orgel / ElectronicsSprecher: N.N.Ekkehard Windrich: Violin/Computer (Max/MSP)Boris Hauf: Tenor Saxophon

Language Tapes
violin, tenor saxophone, electronic organ, electronics, foreign
language cassettes

A foreign language
course in the form of a musical work, Language Tapes seeks to
demonstrate that talking does not lead to understanding and that
rather, sound, which is not a language, is our best friend for being
understood.The work is
divided into two lessons: 'foreign languages for holidays', and
'foreign languages for business'. The first lesson emphasises the
structural voids and silences that occur in the language tapes format
and how these voids and silences can accidentally manifest themselves
for real when holidaying abroad. The second lesson is an
attempt to rescue language, through music, from the redundancy of
international business phrases.
gefördert durch die Initiative Neue Music (INM Berlin e.V.)