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Fernwärme#23 opensource & paf

29 Sep 2006 - 20:00

EVERYBODYS / OPEN SOURCE GROUPThe idea of Everybodys came up during a meeting in December 2005, in which some persons wanted to implement Open Source as an artistic strategy for the Performing Arts. One of the basic motivations was to develop ways of sharing knowledge and producing specific discourses on the Performing Arts in order to refine the conditions of work in general, the parameters of exchange (collaboration/ process-product-usage-share-audience), to produce heterogeneous works, to escape the restricted accessibility to work, to deviate traditional conceptions of authorship etc. In a second step, after some text-exchanges and in a meeting at the Summer University in August 2006, we met a several problems: What is the source code of the Performing Arts? What does it mean to extract only (capitalizable) knowledge of material and specific processes? ...After deciding to rename the group Everybodys, we set up an information page/ email list/ discussion forum/ performance critics/ texts on (in construction), in order to allow for other people to join immediately. A user guide will soon help you to join after registering. Our interest then draw on an exchange of our works on a methodological level and on the creation of a database for production models. One line of discussion was to develop a Workshop Kit, encompassing tools and interview-games, which enables discussion on our work. This Kit is meant to be developed by the "integral feedback" of usage, in order to enhance its possibilities. A list of questions was created and copied, and we are still about to define these discussions games It turned out to be interesting to use Skype conference chat while discussing, since it allowed for another layer of commenting. Other ideas that need to be put into practice: a UTUBE video-archive of performances, publication, exchange of applications as a means to access the tension between intention and realization, etc