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bleubird + otto von schirach

4 Oct 2006 - 22:00






Maxipad Detention

Take Electro Bass Noise, Gore Grind, IDM Glitch, Calliope, Breakcore Gabber Jungle, Gangsta Rap, mix them all together and what you get? Otto Von Schirach’s Maxipad Detention of course!

Otto Von Schirach (half Cuban / half German) was born in 1978 in the swamp infested refugee world of Little Havana Miami. As a child his grandmother practiced Santeria and White Magic, which opened his eyes to the strange and bizarre. Otto grew up listening to Miami Bass, Gore Grind, Gangsta Rap and Afro Cuban Noise. In 1995 Otto bought his first drum machine from a crack-head just 2 blocks from his mom’s house. Right away he recognized his passion for grimy diamond soaked kick drums through distorted fuzz muck.

In 1998 Otto released his first demo, which got him signed to a 4 album deal with Miami's electronic gangsters Schematic Records. Later he released another 3 records on Beta Bodega with La Mano Fria under his alias El Santo. In 2003 Otto worked on the Skinny Puppy album "The Greater Wrong of the Right" which scored him a 57 show tour opening for them across the USA. He scared the living shit out of all the Skinny Puppy fans night after night with his 35 minute, 3 costume change, ear punishing dance party. In 2004 Miss Kitten had Otto do a Gangsta Bass Sci-Fi remix of her "Professional Distortion" track, released on Nova Mute UK. Most recently Otto finished a Sound Library for Fixed Noise and Native Instruments entitled “OTTO” which offers over 4 GB of instruments that include construction, loops, sequences, surround, random and much more.

In Early 2005 Otto sent Mike Patton (co owner of Ipecac Recordings) a 38 song CDR, Mike hand-picked and sequenced in his own mix, which is now "Maxipad Detention". On July 25th, 2006 Otto and Ipecac will release "Maxipad Detention" an 18 song journey into gore filled Gabber Bass Drums from beyond.

After 8 albums, 10,000 shows, a 4 Gigabyte Sound Library and 7 computers, what else do you want? Otto is currently working on a bunch of new collaborations with Venetian Snares, Doormouse, Gut, Ebola, Gouch and is also in the studio working on new ideas for the next Skinny Puppy record.

Otto is a true Gang Banger. A true slave to the sound wave, he will always make love to speakers worldwide.










Bleubird is a performer, the life of the party, and the piss in your parade. Using his sarcastic wit, church confession story telling and of course his skills that surpass every single other artist in the whole wide world (ever), he throws back at you things in ways you never thought. Or maybe things you thought but would never dare say. Or maybe you knew but didn't care and maybe you cared but didn't listen.


Only 27, he's seen sides and stories of American life that just beg to be told. He's been a dishwasher, a waiter, a bartender, a gymnast, a day laborer, a ditch digger, a stonemason, a ninja, a camp counselor, a bar mitzvah MC, and a professional dancer (yes the rumors are true: he beat Josh Martinez in a dance battle). Budding careers for some; fertile anecdotes for others.


Although his home state of Florida may want to keep him as their little secret, he's all grown up and he has taken his show on the road. He has already toured throughout USA , Canada , Europe with Sole, Grand Buffet, Gunporn, and Cex. And it's a good thing he listened to his mom when she said he had to learn to share because he has also played shows with: Sage Francis, Masta Killa, Mikah N ine, Alias, Deerhoof, Drums and Tuba, Atmosphere, Xiu Xiu, Fatlip, Anti-Pop Consortium, Restiform Bodies, Oldominion, Adeem + Shalem, N on Phixion & Kid Koala.


Besides all of these amazing credentials, he can do a front flip off stage while rapping the Wendy's 99 cent menu mixed in the a original members of Wu-Tang.