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Soko Steidle/J.-Boat Pirates

8 Oct 2006 - 21:30
soko steidle

SoKo Steidle
The Jolly-Boat Pirates
SoKo Steidle (record release):
Rudi Mahall (bcl)
Henrik Walsdorff (as)
Johannes Fink (b)
Oliver Steidle (dr)


The Jolly-Boat Pirates
Niklas Barnö (trumpet)
Lars Åhlund (saxophones)
Joel Grip (double bass)
Devin Gray (drums)

Their music crosses genres, blending free jazz and European folk music; they are a high-energy collective and their playing knows no limits. Inspired deeply by the folk tradition, The Jolly-Boat Pirates use improvisation to tell stories. What makes the music so compelling is the extent to which the musicians extend their abilities to share their tales.