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Fernwärme#24 Edgy Women

13 Oct 2006 - 21:00
edgy women montreal

EDGY WOMENAn invasion of short works b y Montreal’s most innovative feminist queer artists.Curated b y Miriam Ginestier & produced by Studio 303 Studio 303's artistic director, Miriam Ginestier, has gotten some of her favourite Montreal grrls (notable Edgy alumni Nathalie Claude, Dayna McLeod, Alexis O'Hara & Lamathilde) on the road to present a remarkable programme of interdisciplinary feminist live art. The whole evening is emceed via video (a fake live feed from backstage).Studio 303 is a dance and interdisciplinary arts centre in Montreal which produces over a dozen shows annually. Created in 1994, Edgy Women is Studio 303's annual showcase of short, highly physical and innovative works by women, often characterized by a interdisciplinary approach and politicized content. For more info, please visit www.edgywomen.caWorks to be presented

  • Beaver Fever (Dayna McLeod) - outrageous costume, video projection & sing-along karaoke
  • Sex Accidents & Home Repair (Dayna McLeod) - interactive video & performance
  • PopStar - the sad one (Nathalie Claude) - who will win the saddest po p star contest ?
  • l'Éffoirée lumineuse (Nathalie Claude) – a broken hearted angel, a tomato and a sledgehammer.
  • 2Face (Alexis O'Hara) - the pain of social interactions / video + performance
  • 23 chromosomes (Alexis O'Hara) - experimental pop using samplers, pedals and other gadgets
  • Triple Axxxle (Lamathilde) - a pornographic collage of figure-skating footage

EDGY WOMEN (ARTISTS' BIOS)Nathalie ClaudeNathalie Claude has been working as an actor, director, choreographer, dancer, writer and musician for over 15 years. She has performed in over 20 countries with internationally reknowned companies such as Carbone 14 & Pigeons International, and has appeared in several televised series as well as films. From 1999 to 2003, she created three short solos comprising a trilogy on sadness, which have been presented in Montreal, New York, and Italy (Florence). Other works include the critically acclaimed Les Filles de Séléné, a movement-theatre piece for eight women performed in a convent; La Fête des morts, a theatrical happening in a cemetary (created with Céline Bonnie)r; and most recently, Limbes/limbo, based on a text by Nancy Huston (created with dance artist Lin Snelling). Nathalie is currently writing her fifth vaudeville play, which she will once again act in and direct for the 2005 edition of Montreal's renowned lesbian cabaret, le Boudoir.Dayna McLeodDayna McLeod is a video and performance artist living and working in Montreal. In June 2000, she received her MFA from Concordia University after completing a 4 year program in Sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design in Calgary. Dayna has traveled extensively with her performance work and her videos have played in festivals internationally. Peppered with feminism, Dayna’s work is ripe with humour and sexual situations. Some viewers may be offended, and often are.Alexis O'HaraAlexis O’Hara has spent many years working in theatre, film, video and in 1997, she moved to Montreal, devoting herself to performance art. She got involved with poetry slams, organizing and hosting on a local level and competing in them at an international level. She now concentrates on omnidisciplinary performances. Alexis has toured extensively, throughout Canada, the US, and Europe, logging in over 150 live engagements in the past three years. Publications include (more than) Filthy Lies, a collection of poems, illustrations and dirty stories. Her full length CD In Abulia was released in 2002 on Grenadine Records.Lamathilde After completing her Cinema Studies and Master in Linguistics, Lamathilde returns to her first love filmmaking. Video artist living and working in Montreal, her work focuses on the representation of gender, the image of women and the perception of the human body. Using humour to provide perspective and using music to accentuate the rhythmic moves, she plays with montage and point of vues to emphasize the obvious and often invisible everyday life.Miriam GinestierMiriam Ginestier is co-artistic director of Studio 303 and associate artistic director of OUT Productions ( Highly active in Montreal's dyke community, she publishes a monthly e-newsletter & hosts events including le Boudoir, a legendary cabaret soirée which recently celebrated its 10th anniversary. Miriam is also an active performer, filmmaker, choreographer and DJ. In 2003, Miriam was awarded a Prix Arc-en-ciel as an hommage to ten years of outstanding contribution to queer culture in Montreal.