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29 Oct 2006 - 21:30

Thembi Soddell (samples)/Anthea Caddy (cello)
Tony Buck (drums)
maybe a trio

Combining the textural and dynamic capabilities of the cello, with an extensive palate of sampled and abstracted found sounds, this collaboration between Australian musicians Anthea Caddy and Thembi Soddell generates a provocative and tense sonic world. Their work embraces the nature of opposition, fusing the extremes ? noise and quiet, composed and improvised, acoustic and electronic ? to become a unified yet unstable sound, laced with subtlety, aggression, chaos and intrigue.

Anthea and Thembi have performed and exhibited in major Australian sound festivals such as What is Music?, Liquid Architecture, Immersion and the Now Now. Their collaborations include ?Absence and Presence?, a CD with Philip Samartzis, David Brown, Sean Baxter and Michael Vorfeld, set for release in June through Microsonics. Their first release as a duo is set to coincide with their European tour in October and November 2006.

Thembi Sodell: