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1 Nov 2006 - 22:00

Comaneci At the 1976 Olympics, in front of a stadium buzzing with
voices and staring eyes a young girl made history. With cat-like grace
and a framework more suited for a butterfly than a tumbler, Nadia
Comaneci enchanted, danced and floated between the parallels becoming
the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10. Comaneci entered
everyones heart in that stadium, and in 2000 started to share her
meaningful appellative with this three piece outfit from Ravenna,
Italy. Comanecis music is silent but evocative, traveling along common
melodic rails as Cat Power and Mazzy Star. Andreas and Francescas
guitars mingle with Jennys cello lines, as vocals fit their small but
meaningful metrics in between. Comaneci issued a self-titled EP last
year, and played many shows throughout Italy; wrapping up the year with
a precious collaboration with director S. Mordini for the soundtrack of
his film Provincia Meccanica also presented at the Berlin Festival (OST
available on EMI).
Comaneci is:
Andrea Carella guitar, vocals
Francesca Amati classic guitar, vocals
Jenny Burnazzi cello


Chain (Tel Aviv/ Spinster Sister) and Brother John (Sheffield/The
Spanish Flys) play minimalist, raw and intentionally naked music
meaning – no drums, only one instrument – electric guitar or bass – and
vocals telling stories about L.A. women, teenage day-dreams, and cheap
feels. With their very own experimental metal punk glam blues they
bring darkness to warm your hearts.