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5 Nov 2006 - 21:30
Wolke is immer 5


Margareth Kammerer | voice & guitar
Kai Fagaschinski | clarinet
Christof Kurzmann | lloopp, omnichord & voice
Michael Thieke | clarinet


First there was the Clarinet-Duo of Kai and Michael, "The International Nothing". For their Debut-CD "Mainstream" they recorded a song with Margareth and asked Christof (who had already before worked with Kai under the name "Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone" and produced Margareth?s album "To Be An Animal Of Real Flesh") for a remix of another song. These initial collaborations made them to go for more. So they started to work on a program in quartet format, which includes solo, duo, trio and quartet pieces.
Kai and Michael developed a unique duo style in which their clarinets merge into a warm and moving sound. Margareth stands for minimalistic art songs. Most of her recent work has been solo; simply voice and acoustic guitar. Christof is not really to catch in the wide field between electronic music and pop song.
All of this comes together in their quartet. The challenge within the band is to find solutions with joint efforts and to compose the music collectively. Everyone contributes his/her ideas and everyone sounds a bit different than usual in this project. The result is a charming mixture of strange songs and instrumentals that do not care about their categorization with terms like experimental, pop, abstract, melodic a.s.o..