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Fernwärme#26: pente / wheeler

6 Dec 2006 - 20:30

by stefan pente a.k.a. mélanie enragée
ca. 35 minutes

When I look into the mirror, I glimpse a whole and unified image of a body in the form of a clearly contoured, continuous body, a visual observation that is clearly discrepant to the sense I have of my own body. This sense lacks the completeness and integration of the mirror image. The body's shape forms the morphological matrix, thanks to which, it appears necessary to learn a false sense of belonging to a species. I am by definition not human but human, not tied to the rules of humanness, for I am not animal, but animal, not obliged to follow these rules either. I am not spirit or thing, but spirit or thing, not forced to behave like spirits or things. I make use of a statute composed of all rules that emerge from the total of all rules of all concepts plus their every possible combination. I am neither man nor wife, not female, not male. I'm not child or parent either. Wherever my origins may lie, my movement doesn't describe a way to go from a point to another. It describes a simultaneous ability to be everything everywhere at every moment and station between points and beyond.
photo: stefan pente 2006
Recombining my-self's to match my manifold identity with my multiple bodies they readopt them self's to whatever the unit we & environment mutates into. We become finally something outside of our total control. Fantastical, persuadable, instable, fluctuating, inconsequent.
BORDER STRIP by William Wheeler
ca. 30 minutes
A Performance with projected video animations - erotic disrobings that occur along the smuggling routes, in the patrol officer's kiosk at the border-crossing facility, and finally, in the Desire Area. After two performances where the biological male artist strips as a woman, this third strip performance is the tale of The Green Lady. Pursued by her rescuer and best customer Molly, she successfully evades the border patrol's games of strip poker only to find herself naked in the desert, dropped off with a motorcycle, a biological male, on-stage, getting dressed to go out on the other side of the border, realizing that since she crossed the border, she'll never be "in the same skin" more than once ever again.
Die Aufführungen werden präsentiert im Rahmen von TANZ made in Berlin - eine Veranstaltung von TANZNACHT BERLIN 2006 |