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kapital band 1

9 Dec 2006 - 21:30
kapital band 1

kapital band 1

Nicholas Bussmann - cello, electronics
Martin Brandlmayr - drums
nicholas bussmann [beige oscillator, ich schwitze nie] and martin brandlmayr[radian, trapist] are two of the most active musicians along the vienna-berlin axis.they met in 2002 after brandlmayr moved to berlin for a year and began to play showsunder different names, constantly developing their own musical ideas.quickly they found out that they share the same feelings about things they themselvescall [not irony-free] "pop" or "funk". you will not find a regular pop track on it,but in a mathematical sense KAPITAL BAND 1's work could be seen as a functionof pop - pop that is somehow stripped down to its basic idea which gives room for new aesthetics.however, all of these classical terms serve as more or less hidden parametersin KAPITAL BAND 1's tricky coordinate system, which deals with an overall conceptincluding their music, performance, fotos, cover concept and more.