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The Sampledelic Rockers

16 Dec 2006 - 22:00

Waxflowers pres.: The Sampledelic Rockers

are the Sampledelic Rockers, a threesome mpc formation from the
Netherlands consisting of Smooth Cee (Waxflowers, ON Turntable Jazz), Fourth
(Waxflowers, NOTmonotnous) and Gradi Nitert.

known in a new way, as founders of the Waxflowers dj crew we have
been rocking shows throughout Europe for more then 9 years now.

our new "live" project we will play our own songs using 2 mpc's
(drummachines), 2 synthesizers, live percussion, clarinet, guitar and

unique combination of electronic and classical instruments which guarantee a
very hype show filled with banging beats, melodic tunes and action on stage!

The music
can not be subscribed as one-of-a-kind. It's mostly inspired by (old-school) hip-hop,
kraftwerk, portishead and trip-hop combined with some reggea influences.

brings an experimental, electronic live act playing melodic, uptempo songs
which will perfectly fit at an hip-hop-, electro- or danceshow.

year we have had several shows in the Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic,
Austria, Switzerland and Belgium.

all about a live set, filled with banging beats, humour and live mpc

During this tour they will play various songs out of
their own repertoire. Live instruments combined with original samples, raw
beats and straight-up musicians.

This will guarantee plenty of action on stage!


ausland presents:


(dj / nele konopka///maos rache/k&k/u.a.)
experimental hip hop / dubstep / noise for the dancefloor