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People from the mountains (I)+

20 Jan 2007 - 22:00
PeopleFromTheMountains (Italy):

A little workplace of different music,
created and played by people...from the mountains
Many different ideas in
which lie the attitude to creativity and rejection to classification
It's not
a label, in the commercial sense of the words, but a code of
But why an english name? Because it's funny!


some lines about the piece by Olga Tzikouli,Maria Anisegou:

Why whisper?,
if you can talk
Why crowl?
if you can walk
Pull yourself together.
Why struggle?
if you can play music instead.

The title i think is going to be the last 2 lines.But
i would like to leave it a bit open for now.

concept:Olga Tzikouli,Maria Anisegou
cello:Maria Anisegou
dance,choreography:Olga Tzikouli