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Kirsten Ketsjer ++

1 Feb 2007 - 22:00
Kirsten Ketsjer the rock band
was formed in early spring 2004 as a part of the experimental musicians collective YOYOOYOY in Copenhagen, Denmark. Since the band is now dividing its time between Copenhagen and Berlin, the album ?jeg skal snart ind? is both recorded in the country side of Denmark and in Berlin, Germany.
The music of the album "jeg skal snart ind" also consists of both the easy going country-folk elements and the hard edged guitar rock and noise of urban life, which shows great diversity and curiosity of Kirsten Ketsjer the rock band. Furthermore the album consists of ambient parts, created with alternative guitar techniques and the use of toy instruments, as well as straight forward pop songs, carried by an obvious love for guitar melodies and strong and often humorous lyrics of singer and drummer Anja Jacobsen.

Throughout the album, it is certain that all 3 members of KK the rock band are involved with improvisation, both the lyrics and the music include composed as well as improvised parts. But what really ties ?Jeg skal snart ind? together is the fact that Kirsten Ketsjer the rock band is not afraid to show that the soft finger picking of folk music and the noise of sound art is no further apart than what great music you put in between to combine it.

Kirsten Ketsjer the rock band is:

Anja Jacobsen - vocal, drums, toys...
Anders Lauge Meldgaard - guitar, keyboards, vocal...
Andreas Führer - guitar, keyboards, vocal..


+ Kadillac Lobster the cover band

eclectic coverversions of songs by The Beatles, Peppino di Capri, Giant Sand, Lydia Lunch, The Velvet Underground, Paolo Conte, Margareth Kammerer, Nicola Arigliano, Hank Williams, Marzipan Marzipan, & more
vocals: Zelda Panda, Seby Ciurcina
drums: Marcello Silvio Busato
guitar: Seby Ciurcina

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