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Fernwärme#28: Gaëtan Bulourde

1 Jun 2007 - 20:30

Fernwärme#28: Gaëtan Bulourde (F/B)

"TV news" // "Chapeau!" // performances

TV news (20min)
is a performance about how to build an event through the manipulation
of images. "I spent two or three weeks watching the news loops on CNN
international. I used a few of those images to make a 20 minutes film
which is projected during the performance. I use this film as a support
and I will have some interaction during the projection." (G. Bulourde)


(30min) is a variation around the hat, considered as an evocation. The
performance questions the object's abilty to evoke a situation, a
character, etc.

In collaboration with: Valérie Castan
Supported by: Uzès dance festival (premiere: June 16th in Uzès, France)