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The Skull Defekts/The Rebel

2 Jun 2007 - 22:00
The Skull Defekts (S)
Jean-Louis Huhata - percussion/electronics/stuff
Joachim Nordwall - guitar/vocals/analogue machinery
Henrik Rylander - drums/feedback
Daniel Fagerström - guitar/machinery/vocals/percussion

The Skull Defekts is all about RHYTHM, repetition and all energies in sound.
The band is a two-headed beast: one for electronic noise and sound
experiments, and the other for hot & sweaty hypno rock.

The Rebel (GB)
guitar, drums & vocals

Rebel was born Benedict Roger Wallers on September 15th 1971 in St. Albans,
Hertfordshire, England. Then I had breakfast and did some drawing then i went
for a ride on my bike then i had lunch then i made a set-up then i went for a
bike-ride then it was tea.Then i was
sent to prison to do community service for 10 years for gobbing at a baby.There
it was that he learnt the harsh lessons of swopping to 3rd person
and came out hard, gritty, urbane/urban....................