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LCDD workshop +show

15 Sep 2007 - 20:00

LCDD ? Los Caballos de Düsseldorf (The Düsseldorf Horses) ? will
come to Berlin to share their knowledge of a new instrument called

They will teach you to build your own doorag out of electronic sounding
toys, through the technique of circuit-bending. At the end of the
workshop you?ll be lucky enough to enjoy a concert of LCDD, virtuous of
the versatile instrument. The workshop will last 2 hours, before the

bring your own toys and stuff you want build a doo-rag with and we provide the tools

Don?t be afraid, you won?t electrocute yourself with small voltage batteries but your musical perception may change.

Here some links to feed your curiosity:

LCDD is an open band. There is no fix line-up. Anyone willing to
play the doorags (diy instruments made out of toys and recycled
continents) and perform is free to do it using the LCDD name -acronym
for Los Caballos De Düsseldorf (The Düsseldorf Horses). LCDD means
anything you want: La Concentración De Doorags, Les Couilles Du Diable,
Liminal Catharsis Dope Designers, Laughing Cacaphonous Dinner Dishes,
or whatever suits the occasion).

After showing up the doorags with Las Solex and
plucking recordings in friends' bands, we started as a band to support
Victor Coyote and other famous stars. We share stage with Martin Rev,
The Rebel, Paul Davis, Les Georges Leningrad, etc. Maybe one day we
will tell you the story behind the LCDD name, by now you can translated
it as Los Caballos De Düsseldorf (The Düsseldorf Horses), Les Couilles
Du Diable, Long Counting Decibel Distortion, Lets Craze Da Doorag, or
whatever you make out of it or whatever fits better...