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Å (I, Die Schachtel)+AA Tigre

13 Oct 2007 - 22:00

Å is a trio of young and very talented Italian musicians who, picking up the best of the Italian avantgarde heritage, are able to create a very personal music mixing elements of free form improvisation and experimental rock, with a hint of exotic percussion and electronic background.

They play violin, percussions, theremin, guitar, synth and piano, to created a remarkably original world of sound. Although one can hear occasional influences
from kraut rock style and the early minimalism, this sound is uniquely Italian in its sense of sound, space and time. An imaginative, meditative, bizarre, courageous and nostalgic music...

One of the most fresh and unexpected listening experiences coming from Italy!

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simple folk songs open to enviromental sounds, accidents and silence...
for this concert we'll be 7 people on stage playing: clarinet, baritone sax, oboe, metalophone, melodica, banjo, various percusion, guitar and singing.

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