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sololala (part III)

28 Oct 2007 - 21:00

sololala proudly presents:

Herman Müntzing

"...born in Stockholm, Sweden 1964. In the late eighties, after
graduation from Royal Academy of Music, I had some years playing
electric bass in several bands, all into rather straight jazz/rock. My
first encounter with free improvised music, the Swedish trio GUSH, made
a huge impact on me, I was stunned! After experimenting a lot on my
bass with different kinds of preparation, I soon felt a need for a new
instrument that allowed me to produce the kind of sounds that I was
looking for. That made me create the flexichord; a 12-stringed electric
guitarlike instrument.
Since the late nineties i work as a musician and educator, mainly in
the fields of improvised and experimental music with different Swedish
and international groups. Giving concerts in Sweden, Denmark, Norway,
UK, Iceland, Belgium, France, Holland. Giving lectures/workshops in
improvised music, building experimental musical instruments and graphic
Collabarations with Phil
Minton, Eugene Chadbourne, Thurston Moore, Martin Küchen, Andreas
Axelsson, Peter Nilsson, Dror Feiler, Rex Caswell, Sten Sandell, Mats
Gustavsson, Raymond Strid, Johannes Bergmark, Stefan Östersjö, Amit
Sen, Kjell Nordesson, Mats Lindström, Morgan Ågren, Mats Öberg, Simon

Clare Cooper

Australian harpist and digital media artist Clare Cooper is
interested in unlikely pairings, and what they reveal of machines,
images and music. Her compositions focus primarily on player-powered
mechanical percussion on her two chosen string instruments: the pedal
Harp and Chinese string instrument - the ?Guzheng?. She is currently
based in Berlin.

Todosch Schlopsnies

präsentiert stücke aus seinem neuen projekt namens "die abschaffung des bauches" - mehr wird an dieser stelle nicht verraten.

sololala was a festival
organized by Gregor Hotz, Jeremy Clarke, Ulrike Ertl and Stefan Pente
in the mid 90ies in Hochzeitsraum, Strelitzer Strasse 60.
sololala presented 3 solo-performances each day during one week, and its special atmosphere
was created by a very charming mix of "classical" free improvisers,
musicians of other styles, performers and non-professional artists on a mission. The room itself
was given to a group of people in the wake of a
tempted squatting of a house in Veteranenstrasse, opposite of the cultural center "Acud".

took place three times, and I'd like to play another round in ausland,
where I have been organizing concerts during the last years.