Gud er kvinde & tomgil

16 Nov 2007 - 21:00
Gud er Kvinde - God is a woman

a a acoustic amplified and and and baritone Bertel distorted drones duo free horn improviations is is Johannes loud Lund Maria mixture music noise of on on saxophone sounds spunky The themes trombone with(???????)(press text)

- so:free improvised spunky themes with trombone, horn and bariton sax (acoustic and distorded)



Tomoko Sauvage (waterbowls) + Gilles Aubry (live sampling)

Tomoko Sauvage improvises on waterbowls, a self-invented percussion instrumentmade of Chinese porcelain bowls filled with water, inspired by an instrument of carnatic music (south india), Jalatarangam. The serene sound and melodies are live-sampled and slightly processed by Gilles Aubry to create new layers of sound mixed with the original ones. This polyphonic interplay between primitive sound of water vibration and its time-lagged samples generates illusory vertigo.