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Abominations (Berlin)

7 Dec 2007 - 21:00

biegungen 120:

Abominations (Berlin)
Derek Holzer (electronics, 'tapes') & Marcelo Aguirre (drums, vocals)

Abominations came to life as a one-off collaboration for the NWEAMO festival, at the Zentrale Randlage (R.I.P) during May of 2007. After a few aimless, noodling improv rehearsals, we forgot everything we tried before and called in the airstrike on the unsuspecting tiny Berlin club. And we haven't stopped since.
This project exists as an injection of the energy and power of extreme music (noise, grindcore, power violence, death metal, doom, black metal...) against the most anemic elements of the experimental music scene (hiding behind laptops, austere reductionist minimalism, overintellectualization...). Our underlying belief is that sound should be an overwhelming physical experience, not an introspective cerebral one.
Or, as Daniel Menche puts it, you've got to "make the speakers bleed".

Derek Holzer

Derek Holzer [USA 1972] is a sound artist with a background in radio, webstreaming and environmental recording. His work focuses on capturing and transforming small, unnoticed sounds from various natural and urban locations, networked collaboration strategies, experiments in improvisational sound and the use of free software such as Pure-Data. He has released tracks under the Nexsound, Sirr, and/OAR and Gruenrekorder labels, and has co-initiated several internet projects for field recording and collaborative soundscapes including Holzer has performed live, improvised electronic music in many venues and festivals in Europe, the US and Brasil.

Marcelo Aguirre

Marcelo Aguirre hails from Argentina and has resided in the city of Berlin for the past six years. A self-taught percussionist and vocalist, his playing manifests a spectrum of influences, ranging from spacious, delicate pulsation, to bursts of pure tone color into free music or charged noise, with a focus on continuous sound and changing dynamics. His solo act, Spastic Dementia, is loud blasting goregrind performances backed by concréte tape constructions, with fast live drumming and distorted vocals. Actively working with California composer Michael Jon Fink, has toured venues in Berlin, Paris, Lier, Brussels, Berkeley and Los Angeles, while has/keeps working with artists John Duncan, Hans W. Koch, Bettina Wenzel, Steffen Basho-Junghans, Mark Trayle, Daniel Varela, José Marchi, John Hegre, Raymond Dijkstra, Timo van Luijk, Mattin, Campbell Kneale, Z'EV and Ulrich Krieger. Current groups include Onde (Belgium) , Compost (France), Sus Futuros (Germany), Pregnant Testicles (Germany) Feudal Oesophagus' Membranes (Los Angeles) and Abominations (Germany).