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Lundkvist & Benassi

2 Mar 2008 - 21:00
apollo the bringer of plague henning lundkvist

Henning Lundquist:

"Apollo the Bringer of Plague - The Earth Dies Screaming"

you are happy with a job then you never think about the time. Here, you
only think: why does the saturday never come... it follows you in your
free time. You spend it with sorrow over your latest shift. Sometime
you have a freetime which.... well, what can you do with it? Half of
the time you hate your last shift. The next half, which you could use
for something good, you hate your next shift."
"Apollo..." is an audiovisual work in progress performed live as
something in between a lecture, a concert, and a film screening. It is,
as is most of Lundkvist's work, based on sampled material, in this case
on three samples from films, all three with austronauts/cosmonauts as
protagonists. With these samples as a starting point, the work focuses
not so much on space travels and science fiction, but rather on the
route from home to work, and left-wing realist/documentary fiction of
the 60s and 70s.

Henning Lundkvist (b.1981) has presented his works in spaces such
as MNAC (Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, Romania), Model Arts
& Niland Gallery (Sligo, Ireland), Rooseum Centre for Contemporary
Art (Malmö, Sweden), []
(Basel, Switzerland), Galleri Signal (Malmö, Sweden), and Galerie
Parismoskau (Leipzig, Germany). He is continuously collaborating with
playwrighter and theatre director Christina Ouzounidis, is co-founder
of Radiowy, an mp3-platform for new Swedish hörspiel, radio drama and
sound works, and is currently the curator of a series of presentations
of sound- and text-works at Teatr Weimar, Malmö. Last year, his work
"The End of a System of Things" was released on Komplott. Henning
Lundkvist is living in Berlin and Malmö (Sweden).

Riccardo Benassi:


The performance unravels around a modified Bontempi music device working as a whipping boy for all those dream industrial objects made in Italy at the end of the ?60s, whose design immediately recalls visionary and yet surpassed lifestyles.
The acoustic plot is told in two acts, which define two different spaces for history re-writing and time-forgiving.

Riccardo Benassi was born in Cremona in 1982.
His production moves back and forth between sound and visual art. Videos, environments and installations investigate functions and dysfunctions of technology through analogue mechanisms: objective error and semantic short-circuit celebrate a repetition guided by free will.
Since 2006 he works at the audio/visual project OLYVETTY and since 2005 he collaborates with Xing at Phonorama, live media laboratory and expanding-desk platform for acoustic and electronic improvisation.
He lives and works between Berlin and Milan.