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emerson + hall

25 Oct 2008 - 22:00

la moustache and ausland presents:




lianne hall


" of the great English voices" (John Peel)



bela emerson


"spellbinding electric cello/viol/saw improv"

+ short movies by nikki forrest(CAN/Montreal)

"Nikki Forrest is an experimental video artist based in Montreal, Canada.

Her short videos touch on a variety of ideas, from perception, memory
and failure to gender, identity and place. Her work has been shown in
Galeries, Museums and festivals throughout Europe and North America
including The Oberhausen Short Film Festival (Germany), the Festival
International du Films Sur l'Art (Montreal), the Mix Festival (New
York), Space Junk at The Lux Center (London), and Signal and Noise
(Vancouver). The Berkely Museum, (California, USA) and the National
Gallery of Canada (Ottawa). The work is intended to engage as well as
disturb the senses and to create moments of rupture and uncertainly in
the apparently seemless surfaces of things, ideas and images."