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Here Comes The Sun

5 Jun 2008 - 21:00 präsentiert:

biegungen im ausland

Here Comes The Sun

Kai Fagaschinski (Berlin) klarinette
Barbara Romen (Innsbruck) hackbrett
Gunter Schneider (Innsbruck) kontragitarre

The trio of the two string players from Innsbruck (Austria) Barbara Romen and Gunter Schneider and Berlin-based clarinetist Kai Fagaschinski started beginning of 2006 and fastly became one of the most joyful musical experiences of its diversely active members.
Romen and Schneider have worked together for many years in different projects. They are probably best known for their stunning interpretation of Lachenmann?s Salut für Caudwell. Within this project the two guitarists use instruments from the austrian folk tradition to create new sounds. Their duo CD "Traditional Alpine Music from the 22nd Century" has been very recently released. Fagaschinski focuses on a subtle musicality of sound phenomena, abstract but with a hint of a melodic quality. Best known to the frequent ausland audience are his projects Los Glissandinos and The Magic I.D..
Within their improvisations the acoustic trio slowly builds harmonic-dyed patterns. The pointillism of the two string instrumentalists form a intimate unit with the long breath multiphonic modulations of the clarinet. The music often developes into surprisingly beautiful territories.
After their premiere concert at Raumschiff Zitrone (Berlin) in January 2006 they played mainly in Austria, among other at Music Unlimited (Wels 2006) and Kaleidophon (Ulrichsberg 2008).
In May 08 their collaboration with British turntablist Philip Jeck will be premiered.

„biegungen im ausland“ sind ein Projekt des ausland Berlin im Rahmen von Neue Musik. wird gefördert durch das Netzwerk Neue Musik, ein Förderprojekt der Kulturstiftung des Bundes, und die Kulturverwaltung des Landes Berlin.


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