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Jean-Gérald Dorseuil

Born 1970 in La Réunion

After being granted a scholarship and studying at  Paul & Yvonne Goube School Dance in Paris, at London Studio Centre and at Princess Grace of Monaco school, Jean-Gérald Dorseuil took part in many ballets in France and abroad. He started collaborating with Blanca Li in 1997 (Le songe du Minotaure). He assisted her during the creation of Borderline at the Komisches Oper of Berlin in 2001 as well as on the movie "Le Défi". He also collaborated with the Ballet Royal de Wallonie, Scottish Ballet, Gigi Caciuleanu, Ballet Theatre Hagen... He co-signed "Round-Around (Appartement)" with visual artist Raoul Hébréard, video shown at the contemporary art festivals of Nice and Avignon. He adapted "El Amor Brujo"  in 2008 for the  Opéra de Nice. He showed his choreogaphical research work at different venues and festival such as the "Nuit des Musées 2006", Maison de la Photographie de Toulon. Holder of the classical dance French State Diploma (DE), he teaches to professional dancer, takes part to numerous dance-centered pedagogical and cultural missions such as with Emmanuel Gatt Compagnie, and also animates training courses.


20 Jun 2010 - 21:00

A man sitting, reels of video tape slowly swallowing him, the space gets filled with random cutups, stutters and glitches from prepared CDs. A Performance by Olivier Heinry (sound, open source software) and Jean-Gérald Dorseuil (dance)