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tender productions party (DK)

6 Mar 2004 - 22:00
Tendertronic LIVE Night
Mango Delight + Karsten Pflum + Monolog

Tender Productions is a Copenhagen based art factory focused on
electronic music and short films. Tender was started in 1997 by danish
multi artist Tobi Twang, and has functioned mainly as a label for
electronic music.

Releases are:

1997: Twang (DK) 'Enado', CD-EP with 32 page comic.
1999: Mango Delight (DK) 'Danger is a Haunted Lollipop', 2LP electronica album. This started the electronic wave of Tender.
2000: Cozi (JPN) 'Super Cozy', CD album.
2001: Monolog (DK) 'Mumbler', CD album
2001: Angus&Graves feat. Bjørn Svin (ESP/DK) 'Balance', virtual EP, only available as download from
2002: Mango Delight / Monolog 'Mongo', 7" split single
2002: Monolog 'Slugs', CD album
2002: Mango Delight 'Conglomerate of Crazy Souls', 12" mini album
2003: DJ Legba 'electronica compilation', CD compilation album feat.
Hakan Lidbo, Mango Delight, Monolog, Super Cozi, Din-st, Solarium,
Carsten Dall, Lago&Kverneland, Rupert Pupkin, Bjørn Svin.


Short films:
1999: Tobi Twang 'Hybrid', animation film about the electro insects taking over the body of a girl.
2001: Hiroshima Delight / Nutte 'Androfroditten', animation film about a man that turns himself inside out, and...
2002: Hiroshima Delight / Tobi Twang 'Wenn ein Hertz gebumsen wird', silent animation porn.

.. in addition: various performances, art events, etc.

As for the future of Mango and Monolog:
Mango Delight has a 12" EP coming up for release on Tender in 2004,
featuring a mesmerizing remix by Swedish master producer Hakan Lidbo.
Monolog has two 12" EPs coming up for release on Tender in 2004, Azucar and Veneno (means sugar and poison in Spanish).

Karsten Pflum is a young danish electronica musician. Pflum's personal
mix of cut-up beats and floating synth surfaces display the inside of a
man with a great sense of rythm! He is very active on the live scene,
playing solo as well as with 2 electronic constellations (Euro Pussy
(electronica) and Flex Fitte (experimental)).
First major release was
the 3 year delayed CD album 'Traks' from Worm Interface (UK).
Coming up
in 2004 are EP releases from New Speak(N) and Tender Productions(DK).