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die hotelgäste

3 Jun 2004 - 21:30


Adam Linson - double bass solo
teil II
die hotelgäste:
derek shirley - double bass
dave bennett - guitar
michael thieke - reeds

This meeting of German and Canadian musicality is one of the most important factors with this two year old improv trio; sonic densities and vast cold silences are juxtaposed to bring architectural like structural integrity to their improvisations. Population and solitude, traffic jams and back country ways, amplification and quietness, acoustic
and electric, exploratory and communication, and of course conversations with the many different guests make this hotel one of the most exciting musical experiences of recent past. dont miss this show. they will be releasing a cd of hotelmusic in the fall.

Canadian Dave Bennett is a musican and sculptor living in Berlin. He is involved with many improv oriented groups as well as making a living in the pop world. he is very interested in extended guitar technique as well as dance and culinary extravagance. see web sites below for an extended music

Michael Thieke
alto saxophone, alto clarinet, clarinet
*1971 Düsseldorf/ Germany......lives in Berlin and Rome

musical projects in the field between improvised music, contemporary jazz and new music, for example Nickendes Perlgras (with Michael Anderson tp,
Eric Schaefer dr), Schwimmer
(with Alessandro Bosetti ss, Sabine Vogel fl, Michael
Griener dr ), Dok Wallach (music written by Charles Mingus, with Daniel Erdmann ts, Johannes Fink b, Heinrich Köbberling dr), Rupp/Thieke/Jennessen (with Olaf Rupp g, Uli Jennessen dr), Fagaschinski/Thieke (with Kai Fagaschinski cl), projects
with the roman based musicians fabrizio spera and luca venitucci and solo concerts.
played and/or recorded in the past with Sven-Ake Johansson, Fabrizio Spera, Axel Dörner,Joe Williamson,Jim Black, Steve Lacy, Billy Bang, Herb Robertson, Rudi Mahall, John Schröder, Roberto Bellatalla, Marco Ariano, Michele Rabbia, Antonio Iasevoli, Peter Fulda, Luca Venitucci, Ab Baars, Daniel Studer, Christian Weber, Riccardo Lay, Hans Hassler, Antonio Borghini amongst others

Adam Linson
hails from Los Angeles, California. He has been playing
contrabass in numerous orchestral, jazz, theatrical and improvised music settings since age 11. He is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD), where he studied with Bertram Turetzky and George Lewis. While at UCSD, he had the privilege of playing with several members of the Chicago-based AACM and performing with the La Jolla
Symphony orchestra.
Since moving to Berlin in 1999, he has been developing real-time interactive audio-visual software for use with live musicians. He has performed in Berlin with Johannes Bauer, Rudi Mahall, Aleks Kolkowski, Jon Rose, Olaf Rupp and others. Homepage