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music for one

10 Jun 2004 - 21:30
music for one

Sherry Ostapovitch aus Nottingham spielt als music for one minimale Folkfragmente in langsam mutierenden Schleifen auf der Guitarre. Ihre Musik erinnert an Loren MazzaCane Connors oder den fruehen Jim O'Rourke (genauer: an Jims Folk Picking Phase).

strings gently
scuffed with sandpaper; the scratches looping and fluttering around the
room, a simple guitar motif looped then played over, layer after layer
added in front of your eyes until the once wintry sound envelops you
both warm and complete. As schizophrenic as the times we live in, it
can change at any given moment, effects boxes twisting the sound into a
cavernous roar of glitch and throbbing clicks. Light and dark, loud and
quiet, it’s somewhat comforting to know that a guitar can still confuse
and enchant an audience. Music for One is Sherry, a guitar or
two, a barrage of effects pedals, and a box of tricks.”
Chris Bress,