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Anderson / Roux

15 Sep 2004 - 21:30
Natasha Anderson

Natasha Anderson (Melbourne, AUS) Solo:
Natasha Anderson is an Australian musician/installation artist performing with the unique combination of contrabass recorder(blokfluit), electronics, voice and mixed media. Since completing her music studies at the Amsterdam Conservatorium and with a masters in performance studies, she has performed and devised works in the genres of improvisation, electro-acoustic composition and performance/installation, presenting a wide range of music in Europe, Japan, New Zealand and around Australia.

Currently influenced by the work of visual artists Hannah Wilke, Helen Chadwick and Cindy Sherman, Natasha is interested in exploring how the framing of identity and embodiment may be articulated and read within performances that combine the aural with the visual. Rejecting any idea of essentialism, Natasha plays with an (often awkward) juxtaposition of dualities — corporeal/instrumental, corporeal or instrumental/digital, acoustic/processed (Max/MSP), improvisation/composition and surface/interior as well as employing extreme frequencies and dynamics.
Sébastien Roux (Paris, FR) Solo:
Sébastien Roux was in charge of development as a part of the room Acoustics team at IRCAM (Paris). Now, still at IRCAM, he works as a musical assistant: creating customized tools for composers using the object oriented programming environment MAX/MSP. He first explored music as a guitarist in various experimental-post rock-ambient bands. His current solo work can be defined as melodic, electronic and organic ambient compositions based on digitally processed guitar drones. He also plays with Eddie Ladoire in a duet called Heller (n-rec) in which he combines his electronics drones with Eddie’s digital manipulations. His work has been featured on the recent E.A.D.G.B.E. and TWO POINT TWO compilations on 12k, on the LEVITATE compilation on n-rec (duo with SOGAR), on the INStruments compilation on list as well as 'object setand motion' on apestaartje.
His first solo full length called “pillow” will be released on apestaartje in june 2004.
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Natasha Anderson
Sébastien Roux