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caramba!#2: Curse ov Dialect

21 Sep 2004 - 21:00

>hip-hop pourrait être si beau<


Curse ov Dialect
(mush records)

+ 'justice yeldham and the dynamic ribbon device'

+ dj's

curse ov dialect

Reaching out to the world from their home in Melbourne, Australia,
Curse ov Dialect consists of MCs ‘Raceless’ & ‘Vulk Makedonski’,
Vocalists ‘Aturungi’ - now known as ‘nothing’ (as in silence) - &
‘August the 2nd’ backed up by DJ / Producer ‘Paso Bionic’.

With a diverse range of backgrounds (Maltese, Macedonian, Indian,
Maori, and Burmese), their music comes off as a non-homogenized
tapestry of culture. Their political raps, razors sharp writing, unique
flows, and standout production accurately represents their knowledge of
hip-hop as world music and the multi-cultural climate of their

Their live show combines unrelenting energy, fine tuned execution, and
jaw dropping costumes to create a one-of-a-kind concert experience that
tears the hip-hop rulebook to pieces. Curse ov Dialect leave their mark
after just one performance or listen

Not content with recycling the same old beats and rhymes, Curse ov
Dialect reach for the next level by reinterpreting sounds from all eras
and arenas into unique sonic collages with a hyper edge and extreme
bounce. Their debut on Mush Records, 'Lost in the Real Sky' is an 18
track introduction to their sound. With political raps written with the
skill of a multi-cultural Public Enemy, a punk-rock esthetic, and
production that balances melodic samples and classic drums with world
class turntablism, their focus is clearly on music as

avant-garde hip-hop opera. Curse represents cultural backgrounds.

“At a time when avant/post-hop can be accused of indulging in its own
aesthetic trappings, Curse ov Dialect is a bracing reminder that
conscious- raising hip-hop doesn't have to be dour and po-faced. In the
tradition of Public Enemy, it can free your ass as well as your mind.”
–(Richard Moule, Grooves)

"Their wild, swirling, chaotic and cacophonic live performances have to
be seen to be believed, and take hip-hop into areas of world music,
sonic bricolage and avant-garde performance un-dreamt of by most US
practitioners." - (Tony Mitchell, Music Forum)