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DOR label abend

30 Sep 2004 - 22:00

D.O.R. presents the ‘Motion And Time’ Tour

K&A (2/3 Project Dark) (UK) – rythm box noise tornado
Apeiron (UK) - microtonal analogue electronic noise
nomadstation (UK) - concret DJ-ing and acoustic alchemy
Martin Picton (UK) - organic videoclips and projections

is a UK label that for 12 years has released, overseen and supported
diverse left of leftfield artists, projects and designers of electronic
based music’s.

is a project that exemplifies the D.O.R. ethos. Begun in 2002 after
several years of discussion as to what it actually was going to be,
which is in short, a journey into the philosophy of music composition
which blurs the edge of free performing and monophonic sounds using the
analogue Arp 2600 and tone/ waveform generators as construction tools.

CD ’Sentimental Sickness’ explores the composition process with the
emotional manipulation of sounds removed, creating an overwhelming wall
of sound and silence.

Apeiron is Ashley Davies (Project Dark,
Chemical Plant, iD). Jimi Papatzanataes (S.40 Sound Projects, Temple Of
Sound). Apostoles Tsopelas (S.40 Sound Projects)

The live set
will include many elements of ‘’Sentimental Sickness’ as well as some
insights into its sequel ‘Spiritual |Sickness’

APOLLON fällt leider aus. stattdessen kommen die noise tornados K&A:


K&A sind Kirsten Reynolds und Ashley Davies, und die beiden sind die Soundfraktion von Project Dark.  Die beiden konnte man 1998 schon im Hamburger Bahnhof erleben.
In ihrem Projekt K&A treiben sie drumcomputer zum wahnsinn. Sie
selbst nennen es deranged machine drum chaotica, wir nennen es fetzig!

is Robert H. King aided by fellow travellers along the journey. He is a
New Media Designer, an occasional writer and curator of drift an
ongoing series of sound art events involving live performance, audio
visual installations, radio broadcasts and online streaming

exploring the sonic identity of our surrounding space and engaging with
the fragmented 'noise' of the city soundscape he has produced the album
'Acoustic Alchemy' (the process of turning seemingly 'nothing' sounds
into something tangible). 'Acoustic Alchemy' contains audio memories,
pure field recordings and sonic experiments plus remix interpretations
by other artists.

nomadstation, live will explore these themes manipulating recordings from a variety of different recording media

has managed many of the visual elements of the evolving live D.O.R.
events since the label’s inception, as well as roles as in-house
photographer and artwork designer.

He will be providing visuals
for all the acts on the tour, based on the themes of time distortion
and displacement, including footage shot throughout the tour to make
each night unique.

Where facilities allow an interactive piece
exploring modern communication will be installed and location specific
elements of the "Ted Walter archive" of 50's and 60's images and films
will be