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Komplott Label Abend

7 Oct 2004 - 21:40
komplott son of clay

ein abend der ruhigen töne.

The Komplott
label was established in 1999 as a reaction to the limited scope
available for experimental and electronic music in Scandinavia at the
time. The initiator Maximilian Moulettes runs the label with colleague
Frans Gillberg from the Komplott headquarters situated in Malmö, Sweden.

Heute spielen im ausland

* Son of Clay
* Hans Appelqvist
* Dj Frans Gillberg & Maximilian Moulettes

Son of Clay

Timing and elegance

Bird You Never Were” is Bertilssons follow ut to highly acclaimed debut
album. With “The Bird You Never Were” Andreas Bertilsson refines the
fusion between acoustic sounds, field-recordings and digitally
processed material introduced on the debut album. The result is a
transparent and poetic work where the sound and the timing itself is

In Bertilsson’s musical works we find contrasts between the digital
and the analogue, between nature and urban life and between chance and
structure. Bertilsson creates a personal renewal of his musical
experiences from composers such as Morton Feldman, Lars-Gunnar Bodin,
Mamoru Fujieda, Akemi Ishijima, Jimmy Giuffre and Talk Talk. A poetic
soundscape takes shape where the sounds could be seen as separate
objects, focused timbres where every movement is executed with
deliberate and simple elegance.

Andreas Bertilsson lives and works in Berlin.

Hans Appelqvist

Listen and contemplate

On his new album Bremort, Hans Appelqvist seeks an alternative
technique of musical story telling, a search which seems to be founded
in a sort of restlessness or maybe a mise en cause of those simple and
solidly established parameters which have been established in
instrumental and conventional popular music.

Appelqvist mainly derives his particular form of musical story
telling from feature film, where the music is paralleling the story so
as to amplify it or comment it. It is in this form, where sound and
image converge, that Appelqvist is conducting his search for unexpected
emotional expressions. Bremort is the name of a fictitious city where
the listener takes part in scenes in the lives of the people of this
average Swedish town. The depictions are accompanied by different
musical themes in which the beige existence of some of the inhabitants
of Bremort are portrayed and linked together in recurrent intermezzos.
As such Bremort is in a way a place of refuge, a sanctuary for the
commonplace. In earlier productions Appelqvist has introduced a
distinctive world of resonance in which an encoded narrative is
concealed. With Bremort Appelqvist is not only creating his most
comprehensive work so far, it is also a further elaboration of his
singular technique of storytelling.